'Vanderpump Rules' Star Ariana Madix "Feels Better" Now That She's Shared Stories About Her Past Abusive Relationship

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Ariana Madix "Feels Better" Now That She's Shared Stories About Her Past Abusive Relationship
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Ariana Madix is probably one of the most tight-lipped "Vanderpump Rules" cast members when it comes to discussing her private life. The reality star recently shared details on a past abusive relationship and the experience made her feel better.

On an episode of "VP," Ariana opened up to her co-star Lala Kent about her lack of a sex life with Tom Sandoval. It turned out that there was a deeper rooted issue going on there.

The model explained that she had an ex-boyfriend that told her that she was "disgusting" along with other horrible insults that are catching up with her when it comes to her relationship with Tom.

She told Lala: "I don't want anyone touching my vagina, like, pretty much ever. I'm uncomfortable with my vagina … I was in a really mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, where I was told that my vagina was disgusting."

As you may know, she and Sandoval have been together for years so it may seem odd to some that she's now dealing with these problems. The reality star explained that they have basically been in the honeymoon phase and are now dealing with real issues.

Since the episode aired, people have reached out to Ariana with similar stories and even experiences that were way worse than hers. However, now that she finally opened up about it she feels a weight has been lifted off her shoulder.

The 32-year-old told ET: "It was amazing and also kind of scary to hear how many other people have similar stories.  It's been largely positive and I'm just glad that people are feeling like they have that moment that they can speak about their past and things they've been through."

It was a mere coincidence that her experience was revealed at the same time that the #metoo movement was gaining momentum.

Hopefully, Ariana continues to talk about her issues and continues to heal.

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