Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Offers Apology And Decides To Quarantine After Mocking Coronavirus

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Offers Apology And Decides To Quarantine After Mocking Coronavirus
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The COVID-19 virus had brought out the best and worse in people. Like a lot of others, Lala Kent has tried to make light of the situation but has seemingly realized that this new flu is nothing to play with.

The Vanderpumo Rules star has spent the last few days saying that the Coronavirus isn't a big deal. She questioned why people were losing their minds over it via Instagram Stories.

In addition to downplaying the situation , she said that she wouldn't get the respiratory illness because she's getting married next month. However, if she does -- it would be because 'God thinks she needs more publicity.'

'So I may get in trouble for this, but it's okay. I just don't feel that God would give me Coronavirus before I get married. I just don’t see that happening to me. Let's just say I did get it before my wedding. I feel that means God is like, 'B**** you need a little publicity. But that's the only way I would get it, I feel.'


She then asked her friend who was in the background if she thinks she'd be slammed for her comments.

As expected, fans had a lot to say about her message.

Although the rate of recovery is pretty high, Italy is seeing some of the worst possible results with the death toll rising to 1,266.

Kent later returned with an apology and explanation.

'Let me be clear. I am well aware of the severity of what’s going on. And to keep from losing my f****** mind, I have to Larry David the s*** out of this situation. If you were offended by my story, my bad. To keep out of the darkness of it all I have to make light. So, stay in, try to laugh, and wash your hands a lot. Stay healthy, y’all.'

She followed up her post with the revelation that she's going into quarantine.

'About to quarantine my a** off. This whole situation has been way too heavy. I’ll catch y’all when this is over. Until then, be safe, stay healthy, and try not to kill each other over toilet paper.'

At least she is taking the proper measures to protect herself from contracting this scary illness.

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