'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Slam Katie Maloney As A Hypocrite After She Gets James Kennedy Fired

'Vanderpump Rules' Fans Slam Katie Maloney As A Hypocrite After She Gets James Kennedy Fired
Credit: Source: Bravo

Katie Maloney found herself in the hot seat in the wake of James Kennedy's firing on Vanderpump Rules . In the latest episode, Maloney was shown asking her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, to fire Kennedy because he body shamed her at work. Fans immediately called out Maloney for being a hypocrite because she said similar things to Lala Kent in the past.

Taking to Twitter , Maloney defended her actions and assured fans that she has changed since her days of calling Kent a "wh**e" and "gold digger."

"I know the truth, say what you want… #abuse #consent," Maloney shared.

After Maloney defended herself, fans reminded the Vanderpump Rules star that she still said some mean things to Kent when she was dating Randall Emmett, who is about to become her husband.

Maloney responded by admitting that she should not have said things about Emmett. She also confessed that she was in a dark place at the time and has since apologized for her actions.

Despite Maloney's tweets, fans were still critical of her behavior towards Kennedy. But she refused to back down and apologize for what happened with her co-star.

She also alluded that there was more to the story than what was shown on Vanderpump Rules , though it is not clear what she meant.

"Maybe I am standing up for those abused who are scared to come forward.. all I can say is there is much more going on here," Katie Maloney stated.

Kennedy, of course, is the resident bad boy on the show and has dealt with a lot of drama this season. Even still, Vanderpump had a rough time firing Kennedy and broke down after the deed was done.

For his part, Kennedy blamed alcohol on the way he treats women. He assured Vanderpump that he is never going to drink again because there is a "darkness" that comes out whenever he boozes it up.

But Vanderpump did not buy the excuse and promptly fired Kennedy for mistreating his female co-workers.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when new episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.


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  • Linda
    Linda Jan 7, 2019 3:19 AM PST

    The whole thing was Katie's fault. She started it. She is a sourpuss and has something bad to say in general about everyone. All those girls have tried to put James down and consistently try to get his girlfriend to break up with him. They are making every effort to turn his life into constant chaos. Personally, I would like to see both Katie and Kristen off the show.

  • Diana Heath
    Diana Heath Jan 10, 2019 12:44 PM PST

    Has anyone with half a brain stopped to realize most of this cast are nearing MIDDLE AGE? James is still an impressive, floundering, kid from a broken, alcoholic home. Kristen runs from person to person like some old witch stirring the lies. She will drop some garbage & then toss a match on it. She took an 18 year old kid & twisted his mind sexually. LEAVE JAMES & RAQUEL ALONE!!

  • CDawn
    CDawn Jan 5, 2019 7:34 PM PST

    I adore this~Katie started the whole fight~James was not talking to her or about her until she pointed out his shorts and looked at him in disgust~ so he did it right back~ not to mention that he was on the clock and being attacked by the entire cast and Kristen was attacking (verbally) his girlfriend~he should have been the one complaining! Katie pulls the body shaming card like it’s her job~then gets him fired like the self entitled that she has become. It was a mess that landed in his lap, all in all Katie struck and he struck back period.

  • Deb
    Deb Jan 10, 2019 12:12 PM PST

    Shame on the whole lot of them and their what you call adults? Not in my book and i am twice their age and shame on Lisa for putting up with the whole lot of them.

  • Bwiggles
    Bwiggles Jan 10, 2019 9:07 AM PST

    Katie started it with James. Fire Katie. I can’t stand her. Biggest hypocrite.

  • LA
    LA Jan 8, 2019 7:38 PM PST

    Katie has always had a complex about her weight. I thought she had started to grow up, but when she poked at James what did she expect in return. Kirsten should be off the show. She is such a mean person. The things these "girls" say about Rachel and James is just as disgusting as his responses. I do not see a kind side to Kirsten or Katie. Kirsten slept with everyone and has always acted psycho on this show. James is only 26 years old unlike the majority of the people on this show. He has a drinking problem and it does bring out the worst in him. I do hope he gets serious help, because being raised by an alcoholic has a long term impact on you. There is such a kind side to James when he is not drinking, which Lisa sees. James is one of the few on this show that actually works. Most of the cast do nothing except get paid by Bravo for their drama. If the show went poof tomorrow so would most of them.. I believe woman should be respected, but it works both ways. Katie and Kirsten are constantly trashing James. I think down deep James gets hurt easily and he unfortunately fights back in an unhealthy way. I think he was very attached to LaLa and was a bit jealous over her secret relationship with Emmett. I think that is when the friction started. It seems to me after watching this show for years, each one of them has been given many passes for their unsightly behavior. I hope Lisa helps and encourages him to go to a rehab program. He is very young and it could make a difference. As far as Rachel - maybe she does want the limelight, but tell me which one of those girls does not stay around fighting for their time on screen. Everyone of them.

  • ronster
    ronster Jan 8, 2019 8:22 AM PST

    I can't even stomach this show any longer. The entire restaurant scares me. Who knows what germs are circulating around that place. Wouldn't want them handling my food.

  • Barbara
    Barbara Jan 6, 2019 2:16 AM PST

    There all pretty much hypocrites, at least Jax and Kristin sure are. Jax has cheated with everyone and so has Kristen so now there being judgmental, seriously. Kristen just needs to have something going on cuz she's boring. Jax, I actually like him.

  • LisaM
    LisaM Jan 6, 2019 11:44 PM PST

    I accidentally hit this post so figured I would read it. UGH. I have not missed a thing since I stopped watching this childish show. What have they done with their lives since getting on this show? Shouldn't they have done some maturing by now? It is the same immature, air headed show it was from the beginning, nothing has changed! Oh wait, the 2 Tom's got a bar, with Lisa's money. Tom S. Didn't deserve her kindness, he is the laziest person who never worked to get where he is now.

  • Lorene Cripe
    Lorene Cripe Jan 6, 2019 12:41 PM PST

    I totally agree with you. She started it by mentioning James shorts first. Is everyone else not seeing this.

  • Rita
    Rita Jan 6, 2019 4:34 AM PST

    It doesn't matter Lisa will let him work at the new bar. She's fired him before for the drinking and then let him come back. It's the only interesting thing going on. For them being late twenties and early thirties, they are all really immature. It's getting as boring as RHOBH.

  • Autrey King
    Autrey King Jan 6, 2019 4:29 AM PST

    I have never liked Katie. She, Stassi, and Kristen where mean girls from the begining. She just goes about it differentially now. They go in on Shenia all the time! I would rather watch James any day than Katie and Kristen.

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