Vanderpump Rules Alum Pregnant -- Faith Stowers Expecting Baby With New Boyfriend

Vanderpump Rules Alum Pregnant -- Faith Stowers Expecting Baby With New Boyfriend
Credit: Source: Bravo

Faith Stowers is letting her followers into her life in the most exciting way. She told fans that she was pregnant with her new boyfriend's baby.

The 30-year-old uploaded a photo with her boyfriend proudly showing off a sonogram alongside a caption that read: 'I’m excited to start this new Chapter in my life with my heart ❤️ and best friend! 💕 At the end of the day this is all I live for. God bless all of you.'

Faith rose to fame on MTV's Ex On the Beach and The Challenge. Most recently, the MTV personality left the physical competition show for what seems to be out of the blue.

She explained to US Weekly that she was sick of being disrespected by her co-stars: 'A lot of the challengers caught a bacterial infection in our lungs so we were coughing constantly. I almost vomited from coughing so much. I’ve been through noisy, sleepless nights. This isn’t my first Challenge. However, this is the first Challenge I’ve been involved in that we were sick. It was very difficult for a lot of us.'


After she asked Bear to be quiet -- things took a turn.

'Bear gave me this disgusted look, like, ‘Who are you?’ No one on the shows who have been on this show for years and earned their right to be cocky have ever looked at me like that.'

They also told her to 'F*** Off.'

Bear, Christie, and Laurel all seemed to be waiting to get aggressive with Stowers which made her say goodbye even after they tried to apologize.

'I was in the military for seven years, I’m not gonna leave because I couldn’t get sleep. I can handle that. It’s just when people are disrespectful when they don’t need to be.'

You also may remember that Faith was a newcomer to Vanderpump Rules when she slept with Jax Taylor who was dating Brittany Cartwright at the time.

It seems that her messy days are behind her because she is focusing on parenting with Marcio Marchena II.


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