Vanderpump Feuds: Lisa Vanderpump Calls Scheana Marie 'Desperate For Love'

Vanderpump Feuds: Lisa Vanderpump Calls Scheana Marie 'Desperate For Love'
Credit: Source: Bravo

Scheana Marie proudly wears her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes, that backfires on the SURver.

Both viewers and those closest to the Vanderpump Rules star agrees that she falls too fast, too hard.

During the VPR after show, Lisa has chimed in on what she thinks Scheana's fatal flaw is.

'She’s so desperate to be loved. I’m not saying desperate for a man. It’s about the relationship of being loved. I think she’s desperate to be in a relationship where [the man is] in love with her,' the boss explained about her tendency to jump from relationship to relationship.

Lisa also feels that Scheana puts on a front some of the time.

'I think sometimes we don’t know what is actually going on with Scheana. We know what she wants to tell us. It’s what she wants to happen instead of what’s really happening. I wouldn’t say it’s inauthentic because that’s who she is in real life. But is it inauthentic in terms of her being honest with herself? That’s where the inauthenticity [is].'


Meanwhile, the Good As Gold singer feels misunderstood by her boss.

'The thing about Lisa is she doesn’t listen to me when I talk. She talks at me and she tells me how I feel. It’s frustrating because she doesn’t listen and when she does listen, she assumes I’m lying. I know that [she] maybe thinks in the past that I’ve downplayed something or talked it up too much but right now, here in 2019, [I’m] at my lowest of lows ever on this show [and] I’m being so f****** honest with [her].'

Scheana seems to be doing much better in 2020. Done with her egg-freezing process and in love with a handsome gym owner, Scheana is busy quarantining and making tik toks with her new boyfriend .

Hopefully, Brock Davies is able to give back the same love he receives from Scheana.


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