Vance DeGeneres Ellen's Brother Comes To Bat For His Sister - Says Ellen Has Always Fought Against 'Bullying'

Vance DeGeneres Ellen's Brother Comes To Bat For His Sister - Says Ellen Has Always Fought Against 'Bullying'
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Ellen DeGeneres ' brother, Vance DeGeneres, came to her defense following claims she had fostered an environment of toxicity on set of The Ellen DeGeneres show. As most know by now, Ellen has come under serious fire regarding allegations of misconduct.

Vance, her brother who also happens to be a writer and a producer, described the allegations against her as "bulls**t." The 65-year-old man wrote on his Twitter account that if people really believed Ellen would allow such behavior on the set of her TV show, then they "don't know" his sister.

Vance went on to say that Ellen was easily one of the kindest and most generous people on the planet. The 62-year-old comic and television show host has been accused of many transgressions, many of which have been described as "bizarre" by TV execs and producers.

For instance, one TV producer claimed he was told by her team that no one was allowed to look at her when she visited the Today show in Australia for an interview. Yesterday, Vance wrote another post in defense of his sister which you can see here.

Vance isn't the only person who has stood up for Ellen over the last few days . Previously, Kevin Hart came to bat for Ellen as did stars like Katy Perry. However, others had a different side to the story, including Brad Garrett, who claimed it was "common knowledge" that Ellen was mean to her staff.

This all comes around the same time as rumors that Ellen will be leaving the show and replaced by James Corden.

This Monday, however, another source claimed Ellen wouldn't be leaving. In fact, the insider claimed James Corden has never been spoken to about replacing her.When asked for confirmation by The Post, Ellen's team claimed the rumors of Corden helming  Ellen from now on were untrue.

Ellen has addressed the scandal directly. On the 30th of July, DeGeneres wrote a memo in which she addressed the accusations, stating she was "sorry" and claimed she was unable to control what went on behind scenes due to the growth of her series over the years.


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