Usher's Wife Proclaims Her Love For The R & B Legend Amid STI Controversy

Usher's Wife Proclaims Her Love For The R & B Legend Amid STI Controversy

Grace Miguel, Usher's wife, is still out in the open showing love for her husband amid his STI and herpes controversy that has shaken the media as of late. In the post, she posted a picture of the pair alluding to their anniversary and how much they love each other.

Usher quietly got married to his manager back in September 2015 while vacationing in the Central American country of Cuba.

As CI readers know, the singer is currently under a litany of allegations that have severely affected his reputation. With that said, Usher has not responded to any of them personally yet.

The R & B legend is accused of knowingly contracting the highly contagious disease and passing it on to several other people including Quantasia Sharpton - although she admitted she never contracted it but was merely exposed to the contagion.

One of the accusations comes from a man who claimed that himself and Usher had "hooked up" in a spa in Koreatown - a small sub-section of Los Angeles, California.

However, Usher's lawyer offered an official statement saying that he would not be commenting on any of the alleged matters.

Lisa Bloom - who serves as Sharpton's attorney-at-law - claimed his legal response was "standard" and she looks forward to seeing them in court.

Some of the charges Usher finds himself under include allegations of fraud, sexual battery, and infliction of emotional distress among others.

Celebrity Insider readers will remember when Radar Online first leaked the court documents alleging that the R & B singer gave a woman herpes and then paid her off $1.1 million to keep quiet. However, no one has confirmed any of these allegations as of yet. Only time will tell if Usher is truly guilty in the eyes of the law, but for now, it appears as if the court of public opinion has already decided.

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