Usher's Accuser Quantasia Sharpton Claims She Has Proof Of Her Relations With The Singer!

Usher's Accuser Quantasia Sharpton Claims She Has Proof Of Her Relations With The Singer!

Quantasia Sharpton is back in the media spotlight, except this time, she allegedly has proof to back up her controversial claims. Usher's accuser - the woman who was all over the media last month after she went public with her allegations - came out again today but claims she has video recordings of herself with Usher.

And it gets worse.

Apparently, the recordings are of an explicit nature, if you know what I mean.

In case you missed it, Quantasia was in the news last month after she claimed Usher exposed her to the Herpes virus.

Fans everywhere were shocked to hear yet more allegations against the R & B singer.

People on social media didn't believe her; they shamed her.

During the podcast, she said, "I actually have videos," when referring to the proof that she and Usher hooked up.

The host of the podcast, Jessica Kohinoor, said, "so he knew that you were recording him."

Sharpton said, "yes."

Kohinoor said she found it hard to believe.

However, Sharpton confirmed the allegations again, saying, "yes," bluntly.

The conversation continued to go on in a similar vein.

The host repeatedly asked Quantasia if what she was saying was true, and Sharpton said "yes," every time.

According to Sharpton, "People lie, but the video doesn't." It looks like we don't even know who to believe anymore. If we were Quantasia, we would get on showing that video to someone credible real quick because her accusations get crazier and crazier every day. Perhaps, it's time for Sharpton and her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to officially file a lawsuit against the singer if they really do have a case!

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