Usher's Accuser Blames Him For Her Stillborn Children!

Usher's Accuser Blames Him For Her Stillborn Children!

Things just keep getting worse for the R & B legend, Usher. As CI readers know , the singing sensation was hit with several accusations in the past few months. One woman, Quantasia Sharpton, came out and said Usher exposed her to the herpes virus, along with three other people.

It all started when Radar Online published court documents alleging that Usher paid a woman $1.6 million to keep quiet after he allegedly gave her the virus.

The woman reported that she had contracted the illness and became violently ill afterward. However, after the reports surfaced, three more people came out of the woodwork to make similar accusations.

This week, one of the accusers, Laura Helm, who the media initially referred to as "Jane Doe," filed a $20 million lawsuit against the singer.

As Celebrity Insider  previously reported, another man claimed Usher exposed him to the virus at a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles.

As if these allegations aren't bad enough, now, another woman is claiming Usher gave her herpes before giving birth to her children, resulting in stillborn babies.

This crushing accusation was reported first by TMZ who apparently obtained the court documents.

With that said, no one is for sure yet if the mystery woman is in fact, Laura Helm, who went public earlier this week, or if it's someone else new entirely.

As for if Usher is the father of the stillborn children - it isn't entirely clear as of yet, but more details should be exposed in the future. Usher's lawyer, Zia Modabber, said to TMZ that Usher would defend himself against these claims in court but wouldn't comment anymore on them. Stay posted for more details!


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