Usher Reminds People That The Only Way They Can Use Their Voice Is By Voting!

Usher Reminds People That The Only Way They Can Use Their Voice Is By Voting!
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Usher’s voice is not just for singing! The artist is also determined to use it in order to make a positive change in today's society!

That being said, Usher has been using his influence and his platform to remind people how important voting really is this upcoming presidential election in November.

Usher acknowledged in a new post that people must be sick and tired of always pushing for change at this point.

However, he stressed that there is no other way to make a considerable difference in the Unites States than to vote.

The singer shared his thoughts on this issue earlier today while on Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America, which is a live summit takeover of Twitch.

While chatting with journalist Soledad O’Brien, Usher stated that ‘….If you find anything in life, find passion, and that will hopefully lead you in the right direction. The contribution you make today is the one that benefits someone else tomorrow. So in this moment offer, make an offering in the hopes that it will ring true to whoever looks at it. This thing that we want to see, that is change, is an ever-turning wheel. And I think that we are all pushing the wheel one little bit at a time, 1 inch at a time.’

He went on to say that ‘All of what we do helps to move that wheel forward. So I just engage on a level that is honest that is direct and true to you. I know, if I can candidly say it, I know you’re f***ing tired, I know you’re sick and tired of seeing change not happen in America. Change not happen on a local level, but the only way that you’re going to do it is to get you’re a** up and vote.’


The star stressed that at the end of the day, the only way citizens can use their voice is to vote!

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