Usher Finally Responds To Lawsuit Claiming He Exposed People To HSV

Usher Finally Responds To Lawsuit Claiming He Exposed People To HSV

Usher has officially responded to the deleterious allegations regarding his misconduct with three alleged victims. Back in August, one man and two women sued the R & B singer, claiming Usher had sexual intercourse with them without informing the alleged victims of his STD.

According to celebrity attorney, Lisa Bloom - who is known for representing other stars like Mischa Barton and Blac Chyna - at least one person from the group has the disease.

Perhaps the most famous of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, told journalists at the time that she does not have the virus, but was "upset," that Usher didn't disclose his condition as she "would have never consented if (she) would have known."

With that said, Usher still hasn't confirmed if he has tested positive for the illness.

However, his legal team filed an official response to the lawsuit this week denying all of the claims.

The document argued that Usher denies every allegation, "including each purported cause of action contained therein."

The R & B singer stated any "alleged conduct" which is "denied" was "unintentional" and all of the accusers "assumed the risk of any alleged harm."

According to Lisa Bloom, Usher gave a "standard legal answer," and she looks forward to taking him to court for his deposition so she can prove the case legally.

As for the official charges, the three plaintiffs are suing the R & B legend for alleged infliction of emotional distress, battery, fraud, and negligence.

Is Usher guilty of these charges? It was previously reported by Celebrity Insider that Quantasia had a video tape of her interactions with the singer, but Bloom came out not long after to deny the existence of such recordings. Did Lisa deny the claim purely for legal reasons or do the tapes really exist? Stay tuned for more information.

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    SPARKLE Sep 21, 2017 5:12 PM PDT

    If you KNOWINGLY have intercourse without disclosing you are infected with any STD you are guilty and can find yourself in legal trouble. Some diseases there are cruel HIV/AIDS Herpes just to name a few. Everyone is screaming how WOKE they are. You may need to be Awaken this real! No do-overs. By Grace she missed the bullet for now. She will be tested years from now, Herpes can be doorman for years. Know your truth.

  • Kay
    Kay Sep 7, 2017 7:55 PM PDT

    No case. He didn't didn't infect her.

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