Usher Files For Divorce From Grace Miguel A Year After Separating

Usher Files For Divorce From Grace Miguel A Year After Separating
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This makes it official! As fans know, the singer and his former life partner Grace Miguel actually put an end to their relationship about a year ago, but now, Usher finally filed for divorce earlier today.

The estranged husband and wife announced that they had split back in March and the court documents list the breakup date as December 24, 2017.

That means that on Christmas Eve, a few days ago, it was exactly one year since they ended things, so it was about time they made it official.

‘After much thought and consideration, we've mutually decided to separate as a couple. We do remain deeply connected, loving friends who'll continue supporting one another through the next phases of our lives,’ they said at the time in their joint split announcement.

Usher and Grace’s split became public in March when some old legal papers surfaced in the media about the man giving someone Herpes back in 2012.

Supposedly, the accusations were what finally ended their marriage.

One insider told HollywoodLife that Usher and Grace had been living separate lives for a very long time.

The singer would work and also travel quite a lot, so they had many intimacy problems because of his packed schedule.

The herpes scandal, however, was 'the nail in the coffin' and the lawsuit created a huge divide between them that proved to be impossible to ever fix.

‘After the lawsuit, all of the trust and intimacy was completely gone.  They could not go on as a married couple. Despite all of the love she'll always have for him, Grace was getting sick of the daily questions from friends and family about Usher‘s shortcomings,’ the source added.

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