US Marshals Auction Off Fyre Festival Merch To Pay For Victims' Relief

US Marshals Auction Off Fyre Festival Merch To Pay For Victims' Relief

Years later and the doomed Fyre Festival is still in the entertainment news headlines. Hot New Hip Hop said today that the US Marshals Service recently announced a selling off of a big batch of merchandise related to the ill-fated festival to help some of the victims.

In order to help the people who were affected by the failure of the Fyre Festival in 2017, the US Marshals Service announced they were going to hold an auction in which they would sell off some of the items and use the proceeds for restitution.

Reportedly, McFarland is sitting in an Ohio federal prison to serve out the rest of his six-year sentence. Hot New Hip Hop says there are currently 126 items up for sale, including a souvenir token, hats, long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, as well as wristbands.

The Southern District of New York US Marshal, Ralph Sozio, said in a statement that the items were to be sold at the Fyre Festival, but they were kept by Billy McFarland with the intention of selling them for funds.

The US Marshal added that the sale of the items was traceable to McFarland's $26 million fraud, and the proceeds would go toward the "victims of his crimes."

As most know, the Fyre Festival was one of the hottest stories of summer 2017. Even stars such as Kendall Jenner were indirectly involved. Jenner and other social media influencers were paid to market the festival to their massive followings online.

Jenner came under fire not long after it was revealed the festival was a scam. She posted a picture of beaches on her account in the promotion of the perceived luxury event. Fyre Festival didn't turn out the way people had hoped, however.

After attendees arrived on the Caribbean island, they discovered FEMA-style tents and cheese and bread sandwiches in a styrofoam box. Kendall Jenner was partially held accountable for her role in the marketing campaign. She had to pay back $90,000 after Gregory Messer sued her for discovery.

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