Unrecognizable Lea Michele Sports Huge Weight Gain

Unrecognizable Lea Michele Sports Huge Weight Gain
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Lea Michele seemed to be very cheerful when she was last spotted walking down the streets of New York on Wednesday. Her face was all smiles as she strutted around in a pair of sexy knee-high boots, but is she as happy as she seems?

The 30 year old actress has recently lost someone very dear to her and it might be that she is hiding the pain by forcing herself to smile.

Furthermore, another indication that she is having a hard time is the fact that she’s gained a few pounds, making her almost unrecognizable. Is Lea Michelle eating her feelings?

The Glee actress looks nothing like she used to. The weight gain has transformed her completely.

Lea used to be known for her slim but fit figure but it seems like in recent weeks the star has put on quite a few pounds. Not only her body transformed but even her face looked plumper making her almost unrecognizable if not for her bright smile.

Fans assume that her weight gain may have something to do with her recent Instagram post about former boyfriend Cory Monteith. The man died at the age of 31 years old due to an accidental drug overdose in 2013. His body was found in his Vancouver hotel room on July 13. The police concluded that the cause of death was indeed an overdose.

Although more than 3 years have passed since Monteith’s death, and Michele has been in plenty of relationships ever since, it looks like the actress has been unable to move on.

Perhaps because of his tragic and untimely passing the actress has not been able to get over him.

Has Lea left herself go? Is the pain of losing her boyfriend finally catching up to her?

It certainly looks like the actress is developing an eating disorder and she needs some counseling so that she can sort out her feelings.


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