Uma Thurman Wants Retribution For Harvey Weinstein Following Alleged Sexual Assault

Uma Thurman Wants Retribution For Harvey Weinstein Following Alleged Sexual Assault
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During an episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Uma Thurman said she wanted retributive justice against Harvey Weinstein following the alleged sexual assault and car accident which nearly left her seriously hurt. At the start of the interview, Seth congratulated the actress on her recent completion of the Broadway show, The Parisian Woman.

The host also applauded her for her speaking out against the disgraced producer. Celebrity Insider reported at the beginning of February that Uma revealed a terrible car crash which almost left her incapacitated on the set of Kill Bill.

Uma claims she was pressured by the cast and crew -  despite repeatedly telling them she was "uncomfortable" -  to drive a car on a dangerous road and ended up crashing it. Moreover, earlier in the month, Thurman spoke with The New York Times about the time Weinstein "attacked" her in his suite in the Savoy Hotel in London, England.

Thurman said he "tried to shove himself on (her)," "expose himself," and tried to seduce her in an aggressive manner. Uma said she was like a lizard in the way she was trying to get away from him.

Thurman also stated that Weinstein sent her a bouquet of yellow roses which said she had "great instincts." Another incident took place later on when the producer attempted to lure the actress into a steam room.

In response, when speaking with E! News, the spokesperson for Weinstein said he and Uma had a "strong relationship" for a long time, but he did concede to making an "awkward pass" at her nearly thirty years ago.

However, Weinstein and his legal team stated the allegations of physical assault are merely untrue, and they've never heard such accusations before.

The embattled producer continued by explaining his confusion as to why the actress waited so long to come out with charges when they have shared a successful film career together for such a long time.

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