Uma Thurman On The Verge Of Having A Breakdown Amid Custody Battle

Uma Thurman On The Verge Of Having A Breakdown Amid Custody Battle

Uma Thurman was spotted arriving in Paris on Tuesday and she was accompanied by her daughter Luna. However, the star didn’t look so well.

Thurman had a tough winter and it’s become pretty obvious.

The mom clutched her daughter as if this was the last time they would have such a nice outing together.

According to reports, Uma may be headed for a meltdown amid her nasty custody battle with her former fiancé Arpad Busson.

The two started dating back in 2007 but their relationship ended 7 years later in April.

Now, Thurman is battling her on again off again French lover over his request for more visitation hours with their 4 year old daughter.

"The stress has got to be OVERWHELMING for Uma to have her darkest secrets revealed and name dragged through the mud!" a trusty source revealed.

"She's already very stressed out, as was pointed out during the trial."

Uma’s baby daddy even accused the actress of having a "serious mental illness" and of consuming "serious psychiatric drugs" with alcohol.

"Ms. Thurman, is it your usual practice to consume alcoholic beverages in the evening?" asked Busson’s attorney during their first custody trial.

"Objection!" her own legal representative called. "This is completely improper."

According to court documents, Uma Thurman has been taking a huge array of prescription drugs, such as: Triazolam, Wellbutrin and Klonopin, all used to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the court appointed therapist testified that she also suffers from "some attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder" and a "mild learning disability." However, Uma does not have a "personality disorder."

The court psychologist went on to explain that stress is not something Uma knows how to deal with very well , even without having a custody battle to go through, hinting that she could have a mental breakdown if she is put in such a stressful situation.

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