UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is In Intensive Care Due To The Coronavirus

UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is In Intensive Care Due To The Coronavirus
Credit: Source: Boris Johnson/Instagram

UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transported to St. Thomas' Hospital where he was moved to the intensive care unit after suffering complications from the deadly Coronavirus. Prime Minister Johnson tested positive for the virus towards the end of March, according to a report by Ashley Mitchell. The Prime Minister tested positive for the virus about 11 days prior and was first admitted to the hospital as it was reported his systems grew worse and weren't leaving. During his self-isolation, Prime Minister Johnson continued to lead the UK in the fight against Coronavirus and he brought awareness to the reality that anyone can catch the disease. He had been in contact with Queen Elizabeth earlier in March and after Prince Charles also tested positive, members of the Royal Family went into self-isolation.

There are conflicting reports about the Prime Minister's current  condition and an earlier report from Russia stated that Prime Minister Johnson was on a ventilator. The Prime Minister's spokesperson has discredited that report and said that he has been moved to the intensive care unit as a precautionary move.

Dominic Raab has been acting in the Prime Minister's stead as the UK continues to battle the deadly, novel virus.

Coronavirus has proved to be a disease that some may contract and show no symptoms of (while remaining contagious to others) or it could rapidly devolve into a person needing a ventilator as they are under respiratory distress. Many people find that the virus lingers in the body for nearly two weeks until the immune system simply can't withstand the virus and the body succumbs.

Most dangerous is the effect that Coronavirus has on the lungs and other bodily organs.

Many people have said that day six was the turning point for them. They either showed signs of improvement on day six and fought it off, or begun to develop persistent breathing difficulties on that day.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on day 11.

The Prime Minister announced on Twitter he was going to the hospital and had intended to continue working with this team.

Though it is unclear if Prime Minister Johnson is currently on a ventilator, it has been definitively reported that his condition worsened since being admitted to the hospital.

The Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 74,000 people around the world and more than 5,000 of those are from the UK.

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