UGH! Now Former Counting On Star Derick Dillard Is Talking About His Sex Life With Jill

UGH! Now Former Counting On Star Derick Dillard Is Talking About His Sex Life With Jill
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former Counting On star Jill Duggar has been sharing bedroom secrets with her social media followers all summer long, and now her husband Derick Dillard is getting in on the action. It was bad enough hearing about the couple’s sex life from Jill’s perspective, but Derick’s viewpoint was something absolutely no one asked for.

Back in June, Jill started the Dillard sexy time talk with a blog post on the Dillard family website titled “More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband.” The 28-year-old had a lot of advice for her heterosexual married followers, including have sex often - at least three to four times per week - buy lingerie for special occasions, avoid masturbation, and to go to bed fresh.

Derick says this post was a “really big hit,” and claimed that fans wanted to hear his perspective on what it takes to be a good husband. It’s not clear exactly where this alleged demand came from, but Derick delivered with his recent post “Hot Love: How To Love Your Wife Like You Mean It.”

Honestly, it looks like Derick pretty much copied and pasted his wife’s blog post, but he did make a few changes. Instead of three to four times per week, Derick says you should be having sex five to six times a week, and he also warned against masturbation.

Just like Jill, Derick wrote that spouses should be “open about everything,” because you should be able to trust each other, and he also echoed Jill’s sentiments by writing that couples should aim for 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted talk time every day.

Derick also copied Jill by writing that you should never gossip or name-call, even if you’re joking, don’t treat your wife like she’s your mom (and don’t let your wife treat you like you’re her dad), and be open about money and spending habits.

Derick also took a cue from his mother-in-law, Michelle Duggar, who famously said a few years ago that wives should be “joyfully available” to their husbands. But, Derick flipped the script and said husbands should always be “joyfully available” to their wives because “only you can fulfill certain desires she might have.”

The 30-year-old also called Jill the “woman of my dreams,” and he shared an equation for a successful relationship: desire + intentionality = hot love.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC in October.


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