Tyson Beckford Says He's Been Single Because Of The Pandemic And Reveals What Kind Of Woman He's Looking For!

Tyson Beckford Says He's Been Single Because Of The Pandemic And Reveals What Kind Of Woman He's Looking For!
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Tyson Beckford is single and knows what he wants in a woman and these are all pieces of information the lady population is definitely interested in! After all, the supermodel is a very attractive man, so there is no doubt many want to know if they could be his next love!

Beckford just dropped his own cologne known as Orion Sky so a lucky lady might be able to check out the scent on a future date.

Unfortunately, the man suggested that might not happen any time soon.

During an interview for HollywoodLife meant to, amongst other things, promote his new cologne, the supermodel opened up about his love life.

Apparently, for the time being, he’s pressed pause on it because of the COVID-19 quarantine but that’s not to say he doesn’t know what he wants in a woman – just for future reference!

‘This pandemic has got me super single. Normally I’m traveling and meeting people, but since I’ve been on lockdown I have little to no interest in a relationship. I’ve just been burying myself in working out and work,’ he told the news outlet.

Tyson went on to reveal that he was, in fact, hoping he’d find love this very summer, but, of course, his plans were ruined by the pandemic.

‘I kept saying to myself, don’t worry this summer I’ll go out, start to meet people and hopefully I’ll meet somebody. But this hasn’t been a normal summer, we can’t really go out and socialize so it’s tough, it’s really tough.’

When time comes for him to meet someone, it turns out that he wants more than just a pretty face: ‘I’m looking for someone who’s educated. Who’s about the now, meaning they realize what’s going on in the world. They’re not clueless. I don’t want to date another model per se, that’s just going to be looking at her Instagram and wondering how she can get more followers. I want somebody with a lot more awareness of what’s going on in the world and how they’re willing to help. Smart is everything.’

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