Tyrese Is Upset That His Ex-Wife Left Their Child With A Buddy While She Went On Vacay

Tyrese Is Upset That His Ex-Wife Left Their Child With A Buddy While She Went On Vacay
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Tyrese and Norma Gibson have a really crazy relationship these days, one that made them appear in tons of headlines recently. TMZ's latest reports come to highlight even more this statement.

TMZ just reposted that Tyrese was extremely mad to find out that Norma has gone to the country on vacay and left their daughter Shayla with a buddy.

He is mad that Normak did not alert him so he could have taken their daughter and instead he preferred to leave her with someone else who is not a part of the family.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that 'In a new court filing obtained by TMZ, Tyrese claims Norma dropped the kid off to a classmate for a one-night sleepover, while she headed to Trinidad.'

Shayla was returned to Ty a day later, and he said he had heard about the sleepover after it happened and Norma did not tell him anything about it.

The online publication continues and explains that 'Norma violated a court order from 2014 that gives him the right of first refusal in this type of scenario. A judge ruled that if Norma were to leave town, that Tyrese needs to be notified.'

Now, Norma has to show up in court and justify why she chose to leave her girl with a third party instead of just leaving her with her father.

Just recently, a judge dealing with Tyrese Gibson’s child support case ruled in the man’s favor . As a result, limits on how much child support his former wife can ask from him have been placed.

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