Tyrese Has A Vital Message For His Fellow Entertainers

Tyrese Has A Vital Message For His Fellow Entertainers
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In the harsh world that we're living these days, we should be focusing on more than only on yourselves and our needs and desires. We should be trying hard to support and help others as well - this is what Tyrese Gibson is trying to tell his fellow entertainers with the latest message that he shared on his social media account.

He firmly believes that celebrities should be using their influential voices in order to promote something else as well apart from their own music, shows, or movies.

Check it out below because it's definitely worthy of all of our attention.

Most people agree with the man and they're showing their opinions in the comments.

Someone said 'he’s most definitely right while all of y’all joking celebrities hold a lot of weight in the economy while all they do is waste they money 🗣'

Another follower believes that 'Most celebrities are too scared to have a voice or an opinion... scared of losing the fan base which is really lame tbh.'

One other person agrees and said 'He is right. We as people, should fight for social justice. We can't just sit here and complain. Contribute to the change. Peace and love to all. 😊😊😊😊✌🏿'

Someone even brought up Kimmy: 'Kim Kardashian doing more for our people than our own ppl. They rather show off their ice 💎 🤦‍♀️'

A person said 'All we can do is shoot each other and complain. Act sad when someone has passed that we didn't support while they were alive. Let police kill our women but march in the streets when they kill our men.'

Not too long ago, Tyrese was in the spotlight again while reflecting on his relationship with John Singleton in a heartfelt message on social media.

John died at 51 years old after he was hospitalized following a stroke back on April 17.

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