Tyrese Gibson Talks Smack About Norma Gibson Amid Child Support Dispute

Tyrese Gibson Talks Smack About Norma Gibson Amid Child Support Dispute
Source: HollywoodLife.com

Tyrese is not happy with his legal battle with ex-wife, Norma Gibson, and he thinks the idea she won't get a job a grave injustice. According to Tyrese, who filed court documents obtained by TMZ, Norma believes that "living life" is a real job.

Currently, Tyrese is fighting with Norma due to her lifestyle expenses which Tyrese considers as unnecessary and superfluous. For instance, Norma has supposedly dropped considerable cash on babysitters for their 11-year-old girl.

However, the problem lies in the amount of money she charges. Moreover, Gibson claims his ex-wife is supposed to agree to her side of the bargain, in other words, she has to learn how to become self-sufficient.

According to TMZ, Norma sat down for a deposition and when his attorney asked her what she did on the 21st of August, Gibson said she "lived life." In the meantime, she had racked up 7 hours of childcare fees.

Later on, she went on to say she was busy "working" on her book, her life, and is constantly running errands at her house. Tyrese and his lawyers believe Norma is merely draining his funds, due to an entitled belief that because Tyrese is successful and wealthy, he will pay for whatever she wants.

TMZ states that Tyrese isn't upset about child support, he's upset that she wants him to pay for nearly all of her lifestyle expenses, an egregious crime considering she allegedly doesn't have a job.

As fans of the couple know, they've been battling back and forth for the last year. It all became significantly worse when Tyrese suffered somewhat of a crisis following his one-sided feud with Dwayne Johnson on Instagram.

Tyrese later said it was due to taking the wrong medication prescribed to him by a doctor. In a statement released by the company, they denied wrong-doing and added their medication would never have such an effect.

As for Dwayne's response, after a long time of literally saying nothing, he said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen there was no reason for him to speak with Tyrese at all.

Tyrese was upset that Dwayne was getting a spin-off film for his character, Hobbes, effectively postponing the next Fast and Furious film for the following year.

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