Tyrese Gibson - Gets Small Victory In Court Amid Child Support War With His Former Wife

Tyrese Gibson - Gets Small Victory In Court Amid Child Support War With His Former Wife
Source: foxnews.com

Yesterday, a judge dealing with Tyrese Gibson’s child support case ruled in the man’s favor. As a result, limits on how much child support his former wife Norma Gibson can ask from him have been placed.

Some legal papers obtained by ET say that certain childcare costs for their 11 year old daughter Shayla, such as a babysitter while Norma is running any ‘non-work errands’ or while she is ‘running her household’ will not be reimbursable.

But in the end, the victory was only small as the actor did not get what he was really hoping for.

According to the documents, the judge decided that the child support reimbursement ‘doesn’t limit the type of employment’ his former wife can pursue.

What this means is that the woman can still request money from Tyrese in order to support their daughter in any way while she can develop her life coaching business, pursue art and work on her book.

The only condition is for the art to be done ‘as a business.’

On the other hand, concerning his request for Norma to keep a list of all of her expenses, the judge agreed she should write down in a diary her time spent working.

However, this was only a recommendation, not a legal requirement.

As fans may know, the exes have been battling it out in court for a while, and about a year ago, Tyrese was also granted joint custody of their daughter.

The two were married for two years, between 2007 and 2009.

In February of last year, the man got married again, to Samantha Lee.

They welcomed a baby together on October 1.

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