Tyrese Gibson Concedes That His Feud With Dwayne Johnson Was Not Professional At All

Tyrese Gibson Concedes That His Feud With Dwayne Johnson Was Not Professional At All
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In a new interview, actor Tyrese Gibson admitted that his childish feud with Dwayne Johnson was unprofessional. The 39-year-old said that he "found himself" as the messenger on the behalf of everyone else associated with the Fast and Furious franchise.

In an episode of the Red Pill Podcast on the 17th of July, Gibson said that he was the only one who spoke out about his feelings, and it ended up making him look really stupid.

The actor said, "it's not professional, and it's not cool." As it was previously reported, Gibson posted on Instagram in October 2017, a message where he claimed that The Rock pushed back the release of Fast and Furious 9.

The Fast and Furious executives had postponed the ninth installment of the series until April 2020, rather than in 2019 like initially planned. They did so in order to make room for the Hobbes spin-off film with Dwayne as the main character.

In response to the change of plans, Gibson took to social media to say that Mr. Johnson made the entire franchise about him. Since then, Gibson had deleted all of his original comments, but a good portion of them were collected by The Shade Room.

And on Thursday, July 12th, The Rock sat down with Andy Cohen from Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen Live , and said that him and Tyrese "hadn't talked at all."

Johnson said he and Tyrese had been friends for a long time, and to him, there wasn't a need to have a conversation. The Rock is doing what he does best, make good movies.

As for social media's response, many people online overwhelmingly had Johnson's back, as they thought that Gibson was merely a fool who couldn't stop talking.

At the time, one fan wrote, "this guy's a complete tool, and it shows a lot that Dwayne Johnson isn't even responding." To make matters worse, Tyrese made fun of The Rock for the  Baywatch movie, which didn't perform that well in theaters.

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