Tyrese Gibson Begs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson To Call Him Back In Long-Form Instagram Post

Tyrese Gibson Begs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson To Call Him Back In Long-Form Instagram Post
Source: TheCut.com

It seems as though Tyrese can't take a hint, as the star of the Fast and The Furious franchise won't let his bizarre feud with his old co-star die. After he was ignored by Dwayne following his post where he told him not to make a spin-off movie, the actor tried his luck to create a response.

However, this time his attempt was a lot sweeter. In his first post, Tyrese warned Dwayne not to create a spin-off movie based on Luke Hobbs - Dwayne's character in the popular Fast and The Furious franchise.

The Rock left Tyrese with no response to work with, and since then, Gibson has tried a much gentler approach.

Albeit somewhat awkwardly, Gibson started off his post with a strange jab stating he "didn't like Baywatch," before the actor went on to say he would never have an issue with the former professional wrestler.

In an attempt to control the potential damage, he said he rented out "two theaters" and took children from his daughter's school to see "Moana."

Gibson went on to describe in detail why he told Dwayne to avoid releasing a Luke Hobbs film.

In his post, Tyrese said he was merely trying to "keep their children in private school." He added that "we can't let our loyal fans or our loyal fast and furious fans down on any level from pushing the date."

According to Gibson, it's all for their families. It appears as though Tyrese doesn't want Dwayne to release a movie at the same time as the next Fast and The Furious release, as fans would have to choose between two different movies. With that said, maybe Gibson should approach the matter in a more professional and less capitulating manner?


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