Tyra Banks Talks About Her Experience As An Early Model

Tyra Banks Talks About Her Experience As An Early Model
Credit: BET

Tyra Banks addressed her experience as a model with Naomi Campbell and said that there was only room for one black girl. All this has been reported by The Shade Room in the light of the so-called rivalry between Tyra and Naomi.

Tyra also made sure to say that this alleged rivalry did not even exist, but 'but animosity caused by an industry that only desired one token black girl,' The Shade Room reported.

Someone said, 'In every industry, we're pitted against each other. They only want "one" as a token. This is why diversity in the boardroom is imperative. Why Beyonce, Prince used their influence to open doors💪🏼'

Another follower commented: 'How many times are they going to ask her this story. This was maybe 2 min of a 20 min interview she did. The rest of the video is a gem. She’s discussing her investments, why she stop modeling, her amusement park. How she went from receiving checks, to the person signing them .. this black woman is a boss!'

A person said, 'well Naomi is mean but the model world loves her till this day. She’s still on the runway with 18yrs girls holding down her spot.'

One commenter posted: 'Y'all saying how many times she's going to tell the story but it's not like she came out of nowhere talking about it. Obviously, she's being asked about it 🙄🙄'

Someone else made a point and said: 'Not only happens in the model industry, unfortunately, it happens everywhere, within the BLK community. BLK women don't seem to wanna support or uplift the other BLK woman. It feels like a threat to them. There's enough bread for all of us to eat sis.'

What do you think about what Tyra had to say?

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