Tyra Banks Removes Age Limit To America's Next Top Model!

Tyra Banks Removes Age Limit To America's Next Top Model!
Source: Today.com

After 23 seasons, Tyra Banks promises to bring a new face to the "America's Next Top Model." The 43-years old supermodel will be reclaiming the gig from Rita Ora in the upcoming 24th season and announced that she'd remove the age limit of 27!

In the past, the popular show has had an age limit for contestants that ranges from 18 to 27.

The supermodel, who has been announced as the host again for another season, revealed on the weekend that the restrictions have changed to allow older women to audition.

Banks explained she has always stood for eliminating traditional standards of beauty. There have been 23 cycles of America's Next Top Model and fans have been complaining there is no reason for an age limit, so now the age limit will be permanently removed.

Banks said she doesn't care how old a person is anymore and anyone who can learn to work the runway like a supermodel should be given a chance to do so.

VH1 announced earlier this month Tyra and the longstanding host would continue her original job on the show for the upcoming 24th cycle. She is the executive producer, while Rita Ora took over hosting duties for the last cycle.

Tyra Banks is an internationally renowned supermodel who has not only worked in the fashion industry but also as an actress in films and productions like Higher Learning; Coyote Ugly; Life-Size; Love & Basketball; and The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra tried to quit the series in 2007. She ended up staying for 22 cycles. Banks explained she was "stressed with starting new businesses" so she told her lawyer she wanted someone else to replace her while she would continue her duties as the executive producer.

Tyra Banks, who is 43-years-old, told Entertainment Weekly she wouldn't reveal the name of the person who she wanted to replace her, and she plans to keep it a secret.


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