Tyra Banks Reigns Supreme As Top TV Personality Based On Social Media Votes

Tyra Banks Reigns Supreme As Top TV Personality Based On Social Media Votes

Sometimes it's not enough to be one of the fiercest faces in the modelling world because after all, you do age out of such a position. Career shifts and changes have never been a cause for concern for Tyra Banks as she's blazed a trail all her own even after she retired from the modelling industry.

Since her transition into hosting and television, she's made a name for herself with her boundless personality. Based on data that was pulled from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube, she is the most popular TV personality. This information was compiled right off the heels of the season finale of America's Got Talent , where she is the new host.

These results are not surprising as she's endeared audiences with her charm and hilarious remarks when she had her own talk show and when she ran the model talent show franchise America's Next Top Model.  Seems like she's found her groove and going to another hosting gig is right up her alley.

It suits her because so many people seem to really resonate with her interactions with both the contestants and the judges themselves. It's always both funny and nice when someone has the charisma and quick wit to develop a good rapport with others.

Due to her experience as a judge herself, one that had a flair for the dramatic and surprising moments, when judges deliberation and comments ensued, she also understands the flip side of it. Banks is doing a tremendous job of solidifying herself in a completely different part of the entertainment industry than the one she was previously a part of.

Many don't expect for models to have much to say, much less to have vivacious personalities. Banks proved that she could cross over barrier lines and didn't have to settle for a career that fizzled out when she got older.

She is the type of person who sees exactly where they can thrive and continues to work hard on crafting new ways to continue to be relevant and successful.

Banks has not only made an impression on the modelling world but the television world as well.

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