Tyra Banks Next Big Mission Is To 'Burst Beauty Barriers' — Watch Video

Tyra Banks Next Big Mission Is To 'Burst Beauty Barriers' — Watch Video
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Tyra Banks is redefining the beauty industry and she's making that change her personal mission. The supermodel burst on the scene in her teen years and overcome many obstacles and challenges. She was black, beautiful, and naturally curvy. She was competition for the likes of fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell and her road to success wasn't easy.  Still, Tyra overcame the difficulties and challenges she faced and grew from them. Now, she is looked at for her wisdom that she freely shares with others as they find their own road to beauty, self-esteem, and empowerment.

For women, beauty and self-esteem are often intertwined. The way a woman views her own level of beauty directly impacts her self-confidence. Tyra wants it to be known that all women have their own, unique beauty and finding your own self-esteem begins with accepting your own unique style. She wants to help women not only find their beauty but realize that when they see themselves as beautiful as they truly are, their self-esteem will soar. This creates a cycle of empowerment.

Tyra Banks stated the following in a new video for Nine West.

"My mission is to continue bursting open beauty barriers. I think people deserve to see themselves in a light, in a way that they never have before and to get that self esteem from the inside out and from the outside in.” -@tyrabanks #NineWestxTyra."

You may watch the full video featuring Tyra Banks in the player below.

Tyra Banks also shared her message recently at the Central California Women's Conference held in Fresno where she was the guest speaker of honor. Tyra's message of empowerment resounds with women worldwide and those who attended the conference in her home town were treated to a pre-conference special event with Tyra.

You may see an interview with Tyra Banks and some of her family members in the video below.

Since Tyra's ambassadorship with Nine West began, Trya is bringing her message to the masses via multiple platforms. She has written multiple books, is developing the first beauty-themed amusement park named Modelland, created television series such as America's Next Top Model , and more.

What do you think of Tyra Banks' latest messages on beauty and empowerment?

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