Tyler Perry's Nephew Gavin Porter Commits Suicide In Jail

Tyler Perry's Nephew Gavin Porter Commits Suicide In Jail
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Gavin Porter, Tyler Perry's nephew, reportedly killed himself in jail while sitting in police custody, a new report from BET revealed. Johnny Gunter, a spokesperson for Union Parish Office, said to reporters from Monroe Louisiana KNOE that the 26-year-old was found by the authorities around 8:30 on Tuesday night.

The local newspaper, The News-Star, claimed that after Parish got into a fight with a few other inmates, he was moved to a different cell. At the moment, police don't think there was any foul play. Back in April 2017, Porter pled guilty to manslaughter.

His very serious legal troubles first kicked off in October 2016, when Porter was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of his own father, Gary Wane Porter. Currently, the police are investigating the man's death, but for now, his body has been shipped off to Little Rock, Arkansas for an autopsy.

Thus far, Mr. Perry has not spoken about the death of his nephew publicly. The filmmaker was in the media headlines earlier this week for his purported support of Snoop Dogg over the Gayle King-Kobe Bryant controversy.

Bridget Hill reported on the 26th of February that Snoop Dogg appeared on the Facebook Lives series, Red Table Talk , hosted by Jada Smith and her family, and explained that he regretted how his emotions got the best of him when he took to his IG account to slam Gayle King for discussing Kobe Bryant's rape case.

However, the notorious rapper did claim that Tyler Perry and a few other famous men reached out to him and explained they had his back no matter what, but they felt that he did the wrong thing.

The performing artist claimed Van Jones, Tyler Perry, and P. Diddy all called him up on the phone to send messages of support, but ultimately, each man said Snoop Dogg's words on social media were a bad idea.

Interestingly, potentially because Snoop Dogg also wrote, "FreeCosby" at the end of his social media message, Mr. Cosby actually shouted out to him from jail. The convicted sex abuser reportedly hailed Snoop Dogg for standing up for black men.

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