Tyler Perry Shares Heartfelt And Inspiring Post After New Highway Sign Bears His Name

Tyler Perry Shares Heartfelt And Inspiring Post After New Highway Sign Bears His Name
Credit: Source: Tyler Perry/Instagram

Tyler Perry is a blessed man and he wants everyone to know where his blessings come from. The award-winning actor, director, and writer is extremely thankful for a new highway sign that is named after his Atlanta studio and he is sharing his joy with his 4 million Instagram followers. Tyler Perry shared an inspiring post about how much God has blessed him on his life's journey and his fans are thrilled that he has overcome so much adversity in his life to achieve greatness.

This isn't the first time Tyler Perry has shared inspirational messages on his official Instagram account. Tyler Perry shared a heartwarming message about how he was at such a low place in his past, he was homeless and even struggled with suicidal thoughts. Still, he had dreams, vision, and faith that God would see him through the hard times and help him achieve his dreams.

Speaking with humility about the property he purchased that is now Tyler Perry Studios, Tyler Perry stated the following.

"The first 28 years of my life were miserable. So much so that I was suicidal. I was so tired of living my life in pieces when all I wanted to do was live my life in peace.  My biggest issue and question was this “God, why would you put all of these dreams inside of me and not show me a way to accomplish them.” Nonetheless, I kept working and I kept pressing. What I didn’t know at the time was that every step I was taking was moving me closer to my goal (even the ones that I thought were setbacks). But I kept pressing.
Today I want to challenge all the dreamers reading this. I want to challenge you to keep pressing. GET THERE! GET IT DONE!! I know you can. No matter your age, no matter your circumstances, you too can make it. When you pray, believe!!"

He shared that post approximately a month ago before revealing the new highway signs that bear his name and point the way to Tyler Perry Studios.

Here is Tyler Perry's recent post about the new highway sign.

Tyler Perry's humility, thankfulness, and messages of inspiration resonate with millions. Celebrities who responded to Tyler Perry's inspirational message include Stephanie Mills, Ava DuVernay, Angela Manuel-Davis, Kway, LaLa Anthony, Kandi Burruss and more.

What do you think of Tyler Perry's inspiring messages and testimony of success?

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