Tyler Perry Says He'll Never Pull Out Of Filming In Georgia Despite Abortion Law Backlash

Tyler Perry Says He'll Never Pull Out Of Filming In Georgia Despite Abortion Law Backlash
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According to a report from Page Six, the acclaimed director, Tyler Perry, claims he won't be leaving the state of Georgia anytime soon despite Hollywood and the entertainment industry's hatred of the "heartbeat" abortion legislation in the very same state.

During a conversation with reporters from The Associated Press this past Friday, the filmmaker said he will continue to film his movies and productions in the state much to Hollywood's chagrin. Tyler is currently promoting his new Atlanta-based studio.

Previously, celebrities, actors, and actresses, urged companies to take their business out of the state following the Republican governor's passing of the abortion bill back in May. Mr. Perry, however, is choosing to keep his work there.

"Atlanta has been the dream," Mr. Perry said to reporters, adding that it was like the "promised land." The director/filmmaker/actor went on to add that the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta have been so good to him that he wouldn't trade it for the world.

The star added that he recently put $250,000,000 in the ground there and for his studio. Perry explained that when a person lays down a quarter of a billion dollars, one can't just simply walk away and leave.

Next weekend, Perry is unveiling the studio. As it was previously reported, Hollywood and the entertainment industry were furious when it was announced abortion laws were being implemented in certain areas of the country, one of which banned abortions after the first initial heartbeat is detected.

On the 1st of January of next year, the law will officially come into effect. Some of the Hollywood stars to suggest boycotting the state included Mandy Moore, Mark Hamill, as well as Alyssa Milano. Moreover, Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams announced they were going to continue filming there but would donate all of their money to particular charities.

While Perry will continue working in Georgia, he emphasized to reporters that he doesn't believe a man should have the right to tell a woman about what she can do with her body.

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