Tyler Perry Dishes On The Time He Disciplined His Son And Why It Hurt

Tyler Perry Dishes On The Time He Disciplined His Son And Why It Hurt
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According to a report from BET.com, Tyler Perry recently dished on one emotional moment while he was disciplining his son, Aman, and the effect it had on Tyler's psyche after. During an appearence on the television talk show, The Real , on Monday, October 14th, the movie mogul dished on how he had to punish his son for being rude to their nanny.

Perry claims he got down on one knee and had to sternly tell his son to show others respect. The television mogul claims he told his son that it was "unacceptable," and he was to always respect his mother as well as their nanny.

Aman then began crying, and Perry said he started crying as well right away because he felt bad. Perry explained later to the hosts of The Real that the incident was incredibly emotional for him because it took him back to a time when he was a child and no one spoke to him as a person.

Perry stated, "no one talked to me like that when I was a five-year-old." According to the Sistas creator, the incident didn't make him feel bad, it was just a great time in his life because he was able to give his son what he never had - a father who respected and cared for him.

As it was previously reported, Perry has a four-year-old son with his girlfriend, Gelila Bekele. Earlier this month, Tyler revealed to reporters that his childhood was a particularly turbulent time, where he was raped, sexually assaulted, and viciously abused by men including his father figure, who he later discovered was not his biological father.

According to Perry, he learned to heal from his childhood wounds by writing stories that would give him the skills to write characters. Perry stated he learned to move on from the past, and use his past experiences as creative fuel.

Earlier this month, Perry opened his massive studio in Atlanta, Georgia, saying to reporters that it rivaled some of the biggest ones in Hollywood, including Warner Brothers.

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