Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen After Hurricane Harvey Church Scandal

Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen After Hurricane Harvey Church Scandal
Credit: Source: AviardInspires.com

Tyler Perry is just one of many stars who is coming out to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The successful director and television mogul uploaded a video which revealed his plans to donate $1 million toward the victims.

On a side note, we can't help but point out the similarity in the amount of money each person is donating to the cause.

Almost every star at this point has given $1 million right on the money, including Donald Trump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyler Perry, and Sandra Bullock.

Tyler intends to donate $250,000 to four separate enterprises.

He has already secured two payments.

However, some people won't be pleased to hear that Perry is planning on giving money to Joel Osteen, the man who allegedly refused to let people into his church.

In case you missed it, Osteen came under vicious criticism for allegedly not opening the doors to his giant, 606,000 square foot church to people who had been evacuated.

It is rumored his church can house around 16,000, so safe to say, many are furious he didn't let people into the building.

After Lakewood Church posted on social media claiming they couldn't house people due to "flooding," people drove out to the church and found it hadn't been flooded like buildings in Houston.

However, the basement and parking garage of the venue was severely damaged.

Perry came to Joel's defense, saying several safety precautions needed to be made before he could let them in his church.

With that said, most people are not on Team-Joel.

All the controversy aside, Perry intends to send more money to other enterprises.

He also will be giving $250,000 to Beyoncé's pastor, Rudy Rasmus. While Perry hasn't decided on where he will spend his final $500,000, he encouraged all of his fans and all those concerned to reach out to people with "boots on the ground," so to speak.


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  • Michelle Moran
    Michelle Moran Aug 31, 2017 9:43 PM PDT

    Hopefully Trump will come through ❤

  • Pheebzz
    Pheebzz Aug 31, 2017 9:16 PM PDT

    I get why Tyler did this. No need to preach a sermon, no need for lengthy explanations. Tyler knew what he was doing. God's grace & blessings Tyler! If you are a Christian, and continuing to berate, and gossip about Osteen, you KNOW you better check your spirit! Lol GN

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