Tyler Cameron Says That 'The Most Terrifying' Part Of The Bachelorette Was Choosing A Ring For Hannah Brown!

Tyler Cameron Says That 'The Most Terrifying' Part Of The Bachelorette Was Choosing A Ring For Hannah Brown!
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In his first ever YouTube video after starting his own channel, Tyler Cameron told his subscribers about his experience choosing an engagement ring for Hannah Brown ! The former Bachelorette star admitted that he was super anxious about that to the point that it might have been ‘the most terrifying thing!’

After launching his YouTube channel, the reality TV celeb shared a clip titled Ten Minutes with Tyler Cameron and during those said 10 minutes, Tyler also mentioned picking a ring for Hannah Brown during her season.

Behind the camera, there was his friend, Jacob Laham, who, at some point, asked him: ‘What is the craziest thing which happened on The Bachelorette?’

Tyler Cameron responded with: ‘When Hannah Brown moved the roses in front of Luke, that was epic.’

He was, of course, referring to Luke Parker refusing to leave the show during the final four rose ceremony.

But then, the pal went ahead and asked Tyler about the most ‘terrifying’ part of the show and he did not hesitate to respond that it was picking out the engagement ring for Hannah Brown!

Unfortunately, Tyler did not go into any details about that but it’s safe to assume that proposing and picking the perfect ring for that on national TV can be nerve-wracking!

The Bachelorette celeb made sure to tell his audience that, on his new YouTube channel, they will be able to see a very different side of him.

‘You think you know me? Y’all don’t have a clue. Y’all are going to see me pushing myself to my limits, traveling the world, experiencing cultures and striving to achieve my craziest goals yet. I am going to face my fears and yeah, I am going to fail at times. But one thing is for damn sure — I am going to get back up and try again,’ Tyler Cameron teased his future videos.

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