Tyler Cameron Gushes Over Hannah Brown After 'Accidentally' Liking Negative Comment About Her

Tyler Cameron Gushes Over Hannah Brown After 'Accidentally' Liking Negative Comment About Her
Credit: Source: usatoday.com

Tyler Cameron made sure to let people know that he was not trying to shade Hannah Brown despite the fact that he liked a negative comment about her. The man claimed it was a pure accident when a fan told him about it.

In order to prove that he had no bad intentions, Tyler took to social media to write a long post in which he had only good things to say about the Bachelorette star.

That’s right! Tyler simply showered his former co-star with love on Twitter and insisted in a series of posts that he would never throw shade at the woman he nearly got engaged to.

The man started by explaining that ‘Someone DM’d me something that I liked a comment which said I was throwing shade at Hannah B and I must say that's a complete accident.’

He went on to then list the reasons why he would never share any negativity about Hannah Brown: ‘For 1 I am really selective for what I like. Second, that girl deserves no shade, just nothing but success. She empowers women and she deserves all the accolades. She empowers women and also, she created so much conversation on how women should be treated. I am really grateful about our time together and all that I learned from her. I made a joke about ‘clarity’ because that was such a hot topic from the show.’

Tyler insisted that he will always support her as well as her family, saying that are all ‘amazing people.’

Besides, Tyler mentioned that he is too ‘grateful’ about his life to throw any shade at anyone and that he has only love for her.


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