Tyler Cameron Flirts With Jennifer Garner On Social Media!

Tyler Cameron Flirts With Jennifer Garner On Social Media!
Credit: Source: cosmopolitan.com

Former Bachelorette star, Tyler Cameron did not hesitate to make his move with none other than actress Jennifer Garner! Tyler wrote her a very flirty message on Instagram, letting her know that he’d definitely swipe right on her Tinder account.

After being linked to supermodel Gigi Hadid, it looks like Tyler is shooting his shot with yet another beautiful and famous woman, only this time, she is no less than 21 years his senior!

The stunning 47 year old actress took to social media to share the pictures she would post on different types of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tinder!

That being said, in the LinkedIn one she was dressed in business attire and looked like a total boss lady.

In the Facebook one she smiles brightly while wearing a casual, plaid shirt.

The IG one is the most elegant, featuring the actress in a satin evening dress.

Finally, her Tinder image shows the star being active and fun as she was paddle boarding in it while also showing off some skin since she was wearing a yellow surf top and black bikini bottoms.

However, one fan was not convinced that was the best picture for the dating app and they commented: ‘I would have switched the instagram and tinder pics….’

In response, Jennifer joked: ‘Shoot, is THAT why no one swipes?’

This prompted Tyler to shoot his shot, commenting: ‘@jennifer.garner I’m still swiping right.’

That’s right! He did not hesitate at all when it comes to flirting with the famous actress.

Judging by their reactions, it looks like fans are divided as far as this possible pair is concerned.

Here are a few of the comments: ‘@tylerjcameron3 babe, she’s waaayyy above your pay grade sweetie.’ / ‘@tylerjcameron3 are you trying to hit up on her too? 🙄🤔.’ / ‘@tylerjcameron3 ballsy.’ / ‘@tylerjcameron3 wow don’t play with my heart like this 🙌🏼😍.’ / ‘@tylerjcameron3 @jennifer.garner Tylifer Forever😻.’


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