Tyler Cameron Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Gigi Hadid!

Tyler Cameron Finally Opens Up About His Relationship With Gigi Hadid!
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There have been many speculations that Tyler Cameron and supermodel Gigi Hadid have been seeing each other and now, the former Bachelorette star is finally addressing those rumors. So are they or aren’t they?

Obviously, the two are pretty close and enjoy each other's company since they have been hanging a lot in the last few weeks but are they just friends or is there romance between them?

This is what their fans as well as their shippers have been dying to know.

As It turns out, they are ‘just friends.’

At least this is what Tyler told ET during an interview, only to add something that made his answer more coy and open to interpretation!

‘I mean…that is just where we are at. Our relationship does not need to be public. She is good people, she is an amazing person and we are just keeping it friendly.’

Obviously, it was not him making it official or anything, not even close, but at the same time, his choice of words definitely gave people some hope that Tyler and Gigi might end up together eventually.

‘I’m at the point where I don’t really want to talk about my relationships. I’ve dated publicly, so…I’m trying to date privately and I’m not in love with anybody right now. I’m in love with myself,’ he added.

The reality TV star was also asked by the news outlet if there is any possibility of them working together at any point – perhaps on a runway project?

Tyler used this opportunity to praise Hadid by saying that ‘She’s a little bit more big-time than I am. She’s pretty good at what she does. I don’t really try to talk [about modeling] with [Gigi and her sister Bella]. I just try to enjoy the moment.’

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