Tyler Cameron Asks Fans For Privacy Amid His Mother's Emergency Situation

Tyler Cameron Asks Fans For Privacy Amid His Mother's Emergency Situation
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On Friday morning, Tyler Cameron asked for prayers from fans on social media after he revealed that he had to attend to an emergency situation involving his mother, Andrea Cameron. The reality star had to cancel a Good Morning America appearence today on account of trouble with his mom.

On Thursday afternoon, Cameron took to his Twitter account to say that he had to "cancel the GMA group run tomorrow." The Bachelorette star didn't reveal any more details, but it's been speculated by fans that his mother has health problems.

Cameron's mother posted a photo of herself watching The Bachelor recently on Instagram, and since then, fans of the reality star have shouted out to Andrea on the 'Gram, wishing her well and a speedy recovery.

Before the emergency situation went down, whatever it may be, the 27-year-old took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday morning to reveal that he had full intentions to appear on Good Morning America for "National Workout Buddy Day."

This news story is certainly a change in tone from past reports on the Bachelorette alum.

Back in January of 2020, Cameron was in the media headlines for another reason. The reality star and Jennifer Garner were reportedly exchanging flirty messages on Instagram. Cameron let her know that he'd definitely swipe right if he encountered her on a dating application.

Previously, Cameron was linked to Gigi Hadid, however, it appears as though Tyler is moving on to other women. Jennifer Garner is actually twenty-one years older than him. Garner shared several photographs which she revealed were meant for varying platforms, including LinkedIn, IG, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Tinder image of Garner shows the lighter side of her personality, showcasing her paddle-boarding while also showing off her body in black bikini bottoms and a yellow surf top. One fan on the 'Gram suggested she was using the wrong picture for Tinder, opting out instead for the IG picture.

Garner joked that it may have been the reason why she wasn't getting any swipes. Earlier this month, Garner's ex-husband, Ben Affleck, revealed that divorcing her was one of the biggest regrets of his life thus far.

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