Tyler Cameron And Gigi Hadid Are Reportedly 'Just Friends'

Tyler Cameron And Gigi Hadid Are Reportedly 'Just Friends'
Credit: Source: CelebrityInsider.org

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Tyler Cameron recently claimed that he and Gigi Hadid aren't really dating, despite past reports to the contrary. As fans of the alleged couple know, he and Gigi had been spotted hanging out in a number of cities, including New York.

Tyler said to reporters from ET on Tuesday that he and Gigi are "just friends," and they have hung out "a few times." The 26-year-old went on to say their relationship doesn't need to be in the public, moreover, he described her as "good people."

"I'm not in love with anyone," the 26-year-old reality star explained. Even though they've only been hanging out casually in the last few months, sources claim the relationship is in its infancy stages.

In August, Tyler and Gigi spent almost the entire month together in NYC, including a dinner date with Serena Williams, bowling, as well as a road trip to upstate New York.

Earlier in September, Cameron was seen in The Netherlands where the reality star was helping Gigi cope with the news that her grandmother had just died. Speaking with ET, Cameron claimed he and the supermodel have had a "great time together."

Before Gigi was hanging around Tyler Cameron, she was linked to the pop star, Zayn Malik, who has since disappeared from the media following the relative failure of his last album. Zayn and Gigi dated for approximately two years before finally calling it off earlier last year.

According to a report from Elle from back in March of this year, Zayn Malik had tweeted out that he loved Gigi on Twitter, however, the tweet didn't lead to a rekindled romance. Sources who spoke with Us Weekly claimed it's because she knew it wouldn't work with Zayn.

The insider who spoke with the aforementioned outlet explained that Gigi still has feelings for him. However, Zayn reportedly has "major issues," the insider remarked.

Zayn's 2018 record, Icarus Falls , only went to number 61 on the Billboard 200 and went Gold in Poland. Some fans believe it's because he didn't do much promotion for the album, while others believed it's because of a lack of publicity on account of his dissolved relationship with Gigi.

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