Tyler Cameron Addresses Gigi Hadid Pregnancy - Says She'll Be An 'Incredible' Mom

Tyler Cameron Addresses Gigi Hadid Pregnancy - Says She'll Be An 'Incredible' Mom
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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were going to have a baby together. Initially, it was reported by outlets like TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, but there was some doubt if the reports were 100% accurate.

It wasn't long after when Gigi confirmed the happy news during her virtual appearence on Jimmy Fallon's TV show. The question that a lot of fans have had revolves around The Bachelorette star, Tyler Cameron, who, as fans know, dated Hadid for a summer.

This Thursday, the Bachelorette alum spoke with Josh Cohen and the Home Team on ESPN West Palm, where he admitted he was surprised but also claimed he had nothing but love for Gigi and wished her the best.

Cameron claims that around three nights ago, he was celebrating his brother's graduation party when he stumbled upon an article from Us Magazine in which it was reported that he was crying himself to sleep over Gigi's pregnancy news.

Tyler said "if anything," he's extremely excited and happy for her. He added that the internationally renowned supermodel was going to be an "incredible mother."

As it was previously reported on Thursday, the 25-year-old said she was expecting a child with Zayn Malik on Jimmy Fallon's television talk show. Gigi said she and Mailk hoped to express the news on their own terms, but either way, it's good news all around.

Upon hearing Gigi's pregnancy news, many social media users asked if it really belonged to Zayn, with some outright suggesting Tyler was the real father. Tyler addressed this allegation in the same interview.

During his appearence on ESPN West Palm, Cameron explained that, no, he's not the father, despite some reports claiming the contrary. After denying the rumors, Tyler added that she was going to be a great mom. According to Cameron, Gigi is a very sweet and caring person.

Fans of the former couple know they were first rumored to be in a relationship near the ending of July 2019. After their split in the ensuing months, Tyler said he and Gigi remained great friends. Gigi and Zayn first started seeing each other back in November 2015 but split up in 2018, March.

Malik and Gigi sparked romance rumors yet again in January when they were seen walking together in NYC.

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