Tyler Baltierra Says He Feels No Shame Over Putting Daughter Up For Adoption

Tyler Baltierra Says He Feels No Shame Over Putting Daughter Up For Adoption
Credit: Source: CelebrityInsider.org

According to a report from Us Magazine, Tyler Baltierra defended himself on Twitter recently, as well as his wife, Catelynn Lowell, after they were criticized on the internet for putting their daughter, Carly, up for adoption. When someone online accused them of being "trash," Tyler explained their decision.

Tyler wrote on his account that if putting their child up for adoption was "trash," then he might as well live in the dump and "put up a throne and call it home, #NoShame." It was back in 2009 when Tyler and Catelynn welcomed their child into the world when they were both teenagers in the MTV reality series, 16 & Pregnant.

Since then, Tyler and Catelynn have welcomed two more daughters into the world, including Vaeda, who is 4-months-old, as well as Novalee, who is 4-years-old. Back in May of this year, the 27-year-old star said that it was 10 years ago when they welcomed her onto the Earth.

According to Pop Culture.com, Tyler and Lowell have been an item since they were in middle school, however, they chose to live apart from one another last year. They came together again in February and started seeing a therapist together as well, both on their own as well as a couple.

Lowell said to Us Weekly in May that they did "couple's therapy" as well as individual therapy, and she believes it helped a lot. The reality star said it was crucial for a couple to learn how to communicate and be honest with each other.

In the past, Tyler revealed he was actually struggling with bipolar disorder after he was diagnosed with the illness. Catelynn, as well, has entered a mental health facility on more than one occasion. According to a report from People.com from the 24th of April, 2018, Tyler confirmed he was diagnosed when speaking with Dr. Drew.

On Twitter, Tyler said he chose to be honest and authentic about his illness, not only for himself but also for others who are struggling as well.

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