Tyler Baltierra Says He Cried Every Day After Catelynn Lowell's Miscarriage

Tyler Baltierra Says He Cried Every Day After Catelynn Lowell's Miscarriage
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Fans know Tyler Baltierra as a voice for ending the stigmatization of mental health struggles, and frequently tells the world of his battles with depression and bipolar disorder. And, in a new interview, the 26-year-old reality star spoke about his relationship with Catelynn Lowell, and how her miscarriage impacted him emotionally.

"It was very emotionally intense for me," the Teen Mom star remarked, and "my first initial reaction was to help Cate." During an episode of the Reality Life podcast, Tyler revealed that he "ran to her, held her...we cried."

According to the Teen Mom star, he and Catelynn cried together for two hours, and that was their way of dealing with the traumatic event, the manner through which they came to terms with "reality for what it is."

After the miscarriage, the 26-year-old, Lowell, went into treatment to cope with depression and anxiety. As a result, Tyler was left to take care of their three-year-old daughter, Novalee, on his own.

Baltierra explained that he would cry every single day while driving his daughter to school, and while he understands it's probably more likely for women to wear their hearts on their sleeve, men struggle the same, they just don't talk about it as much.

However, it isn't just another sad story. Baltierra explained that his young daughter is a bright light in dark times. She helped him get through it all.

Tyler said that when he looked at his daughter, he began to realize that he has to truck forward, and not sulk in his own pity. Moreover, he has to guard his little girl and his wife from negativity.

After Baltierra would take his daughter into her room at bedtime, he would sit in his room and cry about Lowell's miscarriage. He hid his emotions for the sake of his daughter; he didn't want to expose her to any negative feelings.

As you may know, miscarriages are a rarely talked about -  but very common -  occurrence for women everywhere. Carrie Underwood is another star to talk about the turmoil of having three miscarriages within a year.


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