Tyler Baltierra Kisses His Baby On The Mouth And Social Media Slams Him!

Tyler Baltierra Kisses His Baby On The Mouth And Social Media Slams Him!
Credit: Source: intouchweekly.com

Social media slammed Tyler Baltierra after the reality TV star posted a pic that featured him with his and Catelynn Lowell’s newest addition to the family, daughter Vaeda. What caused people to dad shame the Teen Mom celeb was the fact that in the snap, he was kissing the newborn on her mouth!

Celebrities are often criticized for posting such pictures since it seems like many disagree that parents should smooch their infants on the lips and Tyler was no exception!

The black and white portrait showed the 27 year old man holding the baby up and planting a light kiss on her lips.

‘Love kissing this little angel! 😍😘#DaddysBaby,’ the caption read.

Soon enough, the dad shaming started in the comment section.

Here are a few of the users’ reactions to the pic: ‘You just don’t kiss them on the mouth, that’s it.’ / ‘There’s just no reason to kiss a newborn baby on the mouth.’ / ‘Yes someone can carry herpes virus and if u kiss a newborn it can be passed on and can be fatal.’

It sounds like more than anything else, people were worried about the bundle of joy’s health.

At the same time, there were also fans who defended Tyler, writing things like: ‘Tyler your daughters are your world. Please don’t listen to what people say.’ / ‘In a world full of negativity, there’s this gorgeous picture of a man loving his daughter and you people seriously shame on it with bacteria opinions and NONSENSE?’ / ‘This picture truly melts my heart this is sooo precious a daddy’s love for his little girl’

This new wave of hate came after just a couple of days ago, people speculated that the child was not his since she looks so different from him.


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