Tyga Wants Kylie Jenner Back Amid Travis Scott Dating Rumors - Is It Too Late?

Tyga Wants Kylie Jenner Back Amid Travis Scott Dating Rumors - Is It Too Late?

Tyga has had enough of all the talks about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting together. The former Young Money rapper is feeling slightly jealous and wants his ex-girlfriend back.

The rumors about the father of one dating Las Vegas waitress and Justin Bieber's ex-fling, Jordan Ozuna, were apparently wrong or Tyga just realized that Jenner might be his one true love.

Let us not forget that they dated on and off for close to three years and some of their fans were hoping that marriage and children were in the cards.

Now, the "Rack City" singer has to go online and see photos of his former ladylove sharing cute moments at the Coachella music festival and basketball games with her new man, and he is having a hard time dealing with the public display of affection.

Tyga is trying to get back to Jenner as fast as possible before it is too late.

A source in the know shared: “Tyga’s rethinking this little break they’re on and is making moves to sweet talk Kylie and get back into her good graces. The last thing he needs is for Kris [Jenner] or Kylie’s sisters to get in her ear, telling her to keep Travis and dump Tyga.”

However, things are not looking too good right now for the frequent Chris Brown collaborator.

Another insider explained: “She feels he’s much more on her level than Tyga was, so she definitely likes that. All her friends definitely think something could develop between them, but it’s still early days right now.”

Commenters have no sympathy for Tyga and believe it is time for him to move on. They went as far as saying that Scott represents an upgrade compared to the "Wait for a Minute" artist.

The world seems to be rooting against Tyga at the moment. He will have to work really hard because Jenner is said to be getting closer to Scott.


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