Tyga Treats King Cairo To Movie Night Following News That He’s ‘Dating’ Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Tyga Treats King Cairo To Movie Night Following News That He’s ‘Dating’ Kim Kardashian Lookalike
Source: etonline.com

Tyga doesn't seem to be affected anymore about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy rumors. He just took his son to a movie on September 23. He is also dating a woman who could very easily pass as Kim Kardashian, so he really seems to be over Kylie, finally.

The rapper treated his 4-year old son King Cairo to a screening of The LEGO Ninjago Movie a couple of days ago.



Tyga uploaded pictures of him and his son wearing 3-D glasses while they were inside the theater, according to Daily Mail.

This might have been exactly what the doctor ordered for Tyga to put the whole drama with Kylie's pregnancy out of his mind.

Just a day before this event, Kylie was reported to be pregnant with Travis Scott's baby, and Tyga claimed to be the child's father when he heard the news.

Tyga posted and deleted a message to what appears to be his Snapchat account.

'Hell naw, that’s my kid,' Tyga reportedly said.

It looks like T-Raww was joking, but since Travis started dating Kylie back in April, it definitely falls within that timeline.

On the other hand, Tyga is reportedly romantically involved with Kamilla Osman , aged 22, who bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian.

This is not just another case of Tyga having a one-off date with a Kylie doppelganger.

'They are full on dating,' a source told People magazine, adding that Tyga is 'really into her.'

The whole thing is quite funny because Kim has actually met her lookalike.



Kamilla appeared on a June 2016 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in which she was marveled at how much they matched.

Finding out that his ex-girlfriend Kylie was supposedly pregnant with someone else’s baby was like a punch to Tyga’s gut.

A source stated that 'It’s not something he really wants to think about. The news really sucks for him.'

Well, at least we hope that he had some laughs and enjoyed some popcorn with his child. Ano he’s also got a hot new hot girlfriend. So who knows, maybe things are working out for Tyga.


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