Tyga Takes Another Woman On A Date To Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Place After Pregnancy Rumors

Tyga Takes Another Woman On A Date To Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Place After Pregnancy Rumors
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While his ex, Kylie Jenner, is making headlines for her rumored pregnancy, Tyga is going on with his life without a care in the world. After he took his son to the movies , he was spotted with another gorgeous woman on a date on September 24.

Kylie's pregnancy does not seem to be getting to her ex, Tyga. Just two days after the news surfaced that Kylie and Travis Scott are expecting a baby, Tyga hit up Halloween Horror Nights with the gorgeous Arianny Celeste, according to People magazine.



Last year, Tyga and Kylie attended the Universal Studios event together, but things have certainly changed since then!

Tyga has been romantically linked to a different woman lately, and we are referring to Kim Kardashian look-alike, Kamilla Osman.

The two are reportedly 'full on dating' according to People, but she was nowhere in sight when he went out with Arianny.

After two years of being on and off, Tyga and Kylie ended their relationship back in March.

After approximately a month she was photographed hanging out with Travis at Coachella, and they didn't waste any time.

Kylie is now reportedly four months along, and this could mean that she got pregnant after just one month with Travis.



Both of them still have to comment on these rumors because there haven't made any official announcements yet.

Kylie was photographed wearing quite a baggy T-shirt while attending his concert in Vegas over the weekend. However, she also posted an impressive pic Instagram where she’s lifting her shirt up, and there doesn’t appear to be a bump, so we’ll have to wait for the real confirmation!

So far, all of the Kardashian family members who have been asked about the situation have kept quiet. But let's not forget that there's a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiering next Sunday, and that will be a perfect opportunity for Kylie to make her big reveal on the show.


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    SPARKLE Sep 25, 2017 10:48 AM PDT

    Thank God let's pray she's not she has so much to experience, hearts to break. Rethink about mother hood in 5yrs, Real talk 4 months Tyga hold on slim you very well maybe daddy. If she's 4 months she got pregnant 5 months ago. 40 weeks. Wrap up! Woke really!

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