Tyga Sees An Opening With Kylie Jenner After It Is Revealed That She Is In No Rush To Marry Travis Scott

Tyga Sees An Opening With Kylie Jenner After It Is Revealed That She Is In No Rush To Marry Travis Scott
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Baby steps, Kylie Jenner is happy with her baby daddy, but she is not in a rush to get married. Recently, Kylie and Travis Scott surprised the world by purchasing their first home as a couple.

Money was no object for the parents of Stormi Webster, and they splashed $13.45 million on a luxurious million mansion.

Many predicted that marriage would be the obvious next step for the couple, but according to Hollywood Life , that is not the case.

An insider told the publication that Kylie has initially wanted to marry the rapper, but she has since changed her mind.

The person claimed: "Kylie is head over heels in love with Travis and excited and happy that they are buying a home together. She has always wanted to get married young, buy a home, start a family and all of her dreams are slowly coming true. But now she is having second thoughts about the marriage part of her dreams.”

The family friend revealed that she would still say yes if Travis popped the question and added: “She hopes Travis surprises her with a ring and proposes soon, of course, she will say yes, but beyond that, things are more complicated now that she is a billionaire businesswoman. While she would love to be his fiance, Kylie is learning that going through with a marriage to Travis could get real complicated quick.”

This is the reason Kylie is not in a rush to get married: “Kylie’s plan now is just going to take it one step at a time and see how it goes living with him in their new home before making any more commitments.”

Meanwhile, Kylie's ex-boyfriend, Tyga, is still holding on to the glimmer of hope that she might want him back.

The pal shared: “Tyga has never felt better than he does right now, he’s back to top the charts after having his last album do so badly, so the success has never tasted sweeter. He went from the top of the world when he was banging out hits and living the life with Kylie to feeling like rock bottom, but now he’s fully back up again. The only thing that would make it all perfect is if he had a woman to share it with. In some ways this is reminding him of the good old days and that makes him miss Kylie.”

While marriage is not in the card, Kylie is hoping to have more children soon.

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