Tyga Reportedly Owes $200K To A Social Media Marketing Company

Tyga Reportedly Owes $200K To A Social Media Marketing Company
Source: bet.com

It looks like Tyga's financial problems are far from over these days. His fand and music enthusiasts know that over the years, the rapper's music career was pretty overshadowed by his connection to the Kardashian-Jenner family and his financial problems as well.

On the other hand, Tyga was able to make a really strong comeback in his music career after he took over the summer with 'Taste' which he made in collaboration with Offset.

The rapper is not off the hook in terms of money-related issues, and he's still chased for some cash that he allegedly owes.

Latest reports coming from The Blast claim that Tyga owes $200k to a Canadian-based marketing company called Providr. Inc.

'The company claims they made an agreement with Tyga back in 2015 to use his Facebook page in order to draw in more online user activity for marketing and advertisement purposes. The company wanted to use Tyga's account to create more traction for their clients and to help promote products,' Hot New Hip Hop reports.

The outlet also says that Tyga landed a $200k cash advance from the company mentioned above and it looks that he did not play fair.

Tyga reportedly didn't follow through with his agreement with this firm, and he failed to provide them with full access this social media platforms.

This led to the fact that the company accused Tyga of breaching their contract and then sued him for the cash advance.

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