Tyga Reportedly Disses Kylie Jenner After Pregnancy Reports: ‘These H*#s Ain’t Loyal’

Tyga Reportedly Disses Kylie Jenner After Pregnancy Reports: ‘These H*#s Ain’t Loyal’
Source: talkmuzik.net

It looks like Tyga is not taking Kylie Jenner's pregnancy too well. He reportedly threw some major shade her way while making an appearance in an L.A. club just one day after the baby news surfaced.



Kylie Jenner didn't waste any time moving on from her split from Tyga from back in March this year. Just a month later she had already started dating Travis Scott.

Now she is reportedly more than four months along with Travis' baby and Tyga had something to say about the matter while he was partying at Avenue in Los Angeles on September 23.

Page Six reported that the rapper took the microphone and shouted in the club, 'Sometimes it’s better to be single. These hoes ain’t loyal!'

While he didn’t exactly mention Kylie’s name directly, but he certainly seemed to be throwing major shade, especially because his alleged statement came just one day after news of her pregnancy broke online.

Kylie and Travis still have to confirm the baby news themselves officially.

On the other hand, she was seen wearing much baggier clothes for a while now, and she seems to be trolling everyone with some of her recent social media posts.



In one Instagram photo, she’s lifting her shirt up slightly, and there doesn’t appear to be any sign of a bump.

Then, in a Snapchat video posted September 24, she’s wearing a tight black dress, and super quickly films the very top of her torso.

She has given fans no full look of her stomach since the baby news and is doing a pretty good job at keeping us guessing.

As for Tyga, a source just recently confessed that he’s 'absolutely gutted' over the reports of his ex’s pregnancy. 'He feels it should have been him. This is not something he wants to think about. The news really sucks for him.'


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